Hello! Hola! Bonjour!

You made it! I’m so happy to have you here.

Chances are, you hit the About Page to learn a little bit more about what to expect from this site. Glad you asked!

Using the art of storytelling & the power of photography, Kaylchip.com provides honest and relatable advice to creative entrepreneurs, both aspiring and established, that want to grow their businesses, travel, and continue their journey of self discovery. Posts are balanced between actionable tips to start the career of your dreams, and emotional advice to help you navigate through the chaos and become the best version of you, whatever that looks like.

I know first hand how hard it is to leave the comfort of a life that is certain for one you’ve always envisioned, but have been to scared to pursue. Not only does this website offer tangible tools to help navigate #creativepreneurship, but it also tackles the emotional struggles that come with pursuing passions and building the life you desire. It ain’t always sunshine and rainbows, but it can be.

You are in the right place if you:

  • are looking to start a blog or business
  • want to live a life that isn’t location dependant (AKA travel the world!)
  • are tired of that 9-5pm life and want to make a career change
  • have a passion for self-growth and self-discovery
  • believe life should never be spent in one place, be it mentally or physically
  • enjoy relatable and helpful writing that forces you to think differently, gain clarity and move forward in the direction of your dreams

Sound like you? I knew you were in the right place!! So glad we found each other.

We are all in this together, let’s figure this out one stiff margarita at a time.

A little behind the scenes..

Who is Kaylchip? My name is Kaylee, a wandering writer with a passion for travel, putting pen to paper and helping aspiring creatives navigate through self-discovery and life transitions.

In my downtime, you can catch me chatting with my girls (cocktail in hand), watching the Seahawks with my other half, or spending quality time with the famjam on their couch (eating all their food).

A few fun facts

Hi, my name is Kaylee, and I’m addicted to carbohydrates. (Hiiii, Kaylee!).

Truth bomb: I once ate an entire spinach dip (including the sourdough bread bowl) to myself in one sitting, at a party where I was the only single person.

Just meeee & the spindip. Good times.

I love country music, sports, thrift store shopping, happy hour dates & when it comes to Christmas, I’m 27 going on 12. I live for Christmas. I love sarcasm and self-deprecation and I am a strong believer in valuing moments versus materials, and believe that ain’t nobody got tiiiime for cubicle life.

New here?! Let’s get to know each other. I’d start here by reading why I decided to quit my stable union job to pursue a life full of creativity and fulfillment: Why I Quit my Job to Pursue Creativity

Work with Kaylchip!

Interested in working together? Let’s connect! I’d love to discuss collaborations, freelance writing opportunities, sponsorships & everything in between!

Please connect with me via email at contact@kaylchip.com