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What’s this Kaylchip.com business all about?

Using the art of storytelling & the power of photography, Kaylchip.com provides honest and relatable advice to female millennials seeking those “me too, girl, me too” moments. This digital journal covers the vulnerable, embarrassing, beautiful and rewarding situations we are faced with, and offers up ways to tackle them head on.

Whether you are looking to travel the world, make a career change, seeking relationship advice, or to embark on your own journey of self-discovery, I’m here for ya girl.

We are all in this together, let’s figure this out one stiff margarita at a time.

The girl behind Kaylchip.com

Who is Kaylchip? My name is Kaylee, a wandering writer with a passion for travel, putting pen to paper and helping young women navigate through life’s beautiful moments & trying tribulations.

In my downtime, you can catch me chatting with my girls (cocktail in hand), watching the Seahawks with my other half, or spending quality time with the famjam on their couch (eating all their food).

A few fun facts

Hi, my name is Kaylee, and I’m addicted to carbohydrates. (Hiiii, Kaylee!).

Truth bomb: I once ate an entire spinach dip (including the sourdough bread bowl) to myself in one sitting, at a party where I was the only single person.

Just meeee & the spindip. Good times.

I love country music, sports, thrift store shopping, happy hour dates & when it comes to Christmas, I’m 27 going on 12. I live for Christmas. I love sarcasm and self-deprecation, and believe life should never be spent in one place, be it mentally or physically. I am a strong believer in valuing moments versus materials, and might be slightly obsessed with self-development (I have a feeling you might be, too).

My goal with this little space on the web is to inspire with my words, and with the pictures I take. I hope my writing encourages people to think differently, look inwards and find whatever it is they need to move forward in a more powerful and fulfilling way.

I’ve always loved giving advice to my closest friends and family, so why not do so on a bigger platform in hopes of helping someone make a little more sense of this crazy life?

New here?! Let’s get to know each other. I’d start here by reading why I decided to quit my stable union job to pursue a life full of creativity and fulfillment: Why I Quit my Job to Pursue Creativity

Work with Kaylchip!

Interested in working together? Let’s connect! I’d love to discuss collaborations, freelance writing opportunities, sponsorships & everything in between!

Please connect with me via email at contact@kaylchip.com